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Cow Palace Saved!


"Bay Area Lawmakers Shelve Effort That Could Have Demolished Cow Palace"

SF Business Times - June 21, 2019

Thank you SF Biz Times for this great headline. To make sure it stays 'saved,' the Cow Palace is mooooving ahead with improvements, repairs, compatible retail and residential development, and expanded community outreach. New event inquiries and current shows are happening every week and this years Grand National Rodeo and horse show is not to be missed. Stay tuned for ways that you can assist in assuring a bright future for this iconic, historic and irreplaceable bay area community venue!

Thank you to all those who spoke up about the long term value

and ongoing viability of this important venue!!!

We made our voices heard, and the authors of SB-281 listened.

This decision to postpone the bill will allow the Cow Palace to continue its ongoing revitalization plans, including a retail and housing project with neighboring land owners.

The Cow Palace is: an important and beloved bay area venue

used by hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

It is a locally managed California State fairground and is

financially self-sustaining. In addition to its fabulous history,

the Cow Palace is home to unique events, concerts, athletics, and celebrations.
It also serves as a crucial staging area for first responders,

disaster relief, and evacuation support.


Support the Cow Palace by attending shows, joining the official Cow Palace Facebook page, ...and and continuing to stay in touch as a Friend of the Cow Palace. Together we can assure a BRIGHT FUTURE for our beloved venue!

Please join our our email list (see page bottom) to receive action alerts, and updates.

Thank you

UPDATE: - The Cow Palace board voted on April 16th to discontinue gun shows. Read more.



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