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April 16, 2019


Media contact:

Kevin Patterson 415-725-2284



Cow Palace Board Votes to Ban Gun shows,
community rallies to save Fairground for future generations



         Daly City, CA – The world famous Cow Palace, a Bay Area cultural icon, entertainment venue, and emergency shelter, is also a State Fairground administered by a volunteer board of directors appointed by the Governor. This board voted today to take positive steps for the future of the facility, banning gun shows and moving forward with a retail and housing project on a portion of its property.


            A bill proposed in February by State Senator Scott Wiener threatens the future of the Cow Palace, as a State Fairground. The bill has been grinding its way through Senate hearings at the State Capital against mounting opposition.


             “With the these two important decisions today, the Cow Palace board has given Senator Weiner what he wanted: an end to the gun shows and the use of Cow Palace acreage for retail and housing,” says Kevin Patterson, Executive Director of the Save the Cow Palace coalition.  “We hope that he will now amend or withdraw his bill and allow a bright future for this viable and historic public event facility.”


            The Cow Palace has educated and entertained millions throughout its storied history. It is the current home to the Grand National Rodeo, the Golden Gate Dog Show, the Great Dickens Christmas Fair, concerts, athletic competitions, trade shows, and large-scale corporate parties. U2 headlined at Salesforces’ “Dreamforce,” raising $10 million dollars for UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. The Cow Palace may be under-appreciated, but it is not underutilized.


            Until need arises, most do not appreciate that the 68-acre State Fairground serves as part of the local emergency response plan, ready to shelter thousands and function as a major command post after a large earthquake or other disaster.


            The Cow Palace also serves the community through job creation, tax revenues, multicultural events, and priceless moments between parents and children, who return each year to create new memories. New shows and public uses are proposed every year and the venue is completely self-supporting, taking no money from State coffers.


            The Save the Cow Palace coalition’s website,, is asking for calls and letters to the politicians proposing the bill. “The Cow Palace is our shelter, our showcase, and an invaluable community resource,” says Patterson. “It should be protected and enhanced for future generations, and as a community resource for the high-density housing filling the region.”

             “The Cow Palace continues revitalized, the neighborhood gets needed retail – the community is clear they want these things. And they have made it clear they do not want guns shows there.” “It’s a win-win-win for the whole community,” says Patterson.


Call or write your local State legislator regarding SB-281. Visit for details on how to make your voice heard.


Contact: Kevin Patterson, Executive Director, Save the Cow Palace Coalition



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