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Board votes to end gun shows...

The Cow Palace board of directors voted today to end gun shows at the Cow Palace. This is important news, but the Cow Palace is still threatened. Senator Wiener will now have to decide if his bill will continue and in what form. To be sure, local cities and counties would still love to take our State Fairgound from us. SB-281 as written, bans gun shows, but it also bans all of us. It would remove the property away from the people, from the State Fairground system. Senator Wiener says this will allow for community input. This is exactly backwards, the community is already speaking. Thousands of calls and letters from all of us, very clearly voicing that we want the Cow Palace to continue as an event center, a celebration center, an evacuation center, and so much more.

The authors of this bill (all 6 of them) need to be told (again and again) that the Cow Palace is not for sale. The people of California own it, and we would like to continue to own it for generations to come. Just like Golden Gate Park, it is not for sale. If we were to take a poll the result would be to keep the Cow Palace as a functioning event center, build some housing and retail on the extra acreage, oh, and ban the gun shows.

To be crystal clear: don't take the Cow Palace property away from us, and then ask us what we want to do with it!

Our work to save it is not done, but today’s decision by the board is a solid next step. Please let your representatives know how you feel. And keep spreading the word.

Thank you!

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