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Sample Letter 1 - Overview

Cut and paste - and add your opinions

The Honorable, (name)

(today’s date)

Re: Cow Palace SB-281

Dear (Senator or Assemblymember),

Please amend SB-281 (Wiener) to remove the "Authority" language from the bill. As currently written this bill would threaten the future of a historic, well loved, and much needed Bay Area venue. Banning gun shows should be the ONLY focus of this bill.

The Cow Palace must not be removed from State fairground control and placed at the mercy of competing local interests who will not protect this important PUBLIC asset as a PUBLIC venue. Please allow the Cow Palace board to create retail and housing opportunities that are compatible with its public purpose. SB-281 is not the right way to solve the California housing crisis. Adding a new bureaucracy will not solve the issues affecting the community. We ARE the community and we say keep the Cow Palace in State control!


The Cow Palace is a vital event center and will provide even more community service as density increases in the area. It is an affordable and accessible location for everything from concerts, athletic competitions, and trade shows, to the AKC dog show and the Grand National Rodeo. Other venues are either too expensive, too far away, or too small. Uniquely wonderful Bay Area events such as the Great Dickens Christmas Fair would be lost without it.

Healthy communities need affordable space for recreation and community gatherings! Please protect our Cow Palace, ...the People's Palace!

With respect,

(your name and city)

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