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Sample Letter 2 - Agriculture and Education

Cut and paste - and add your opinions

The Honorable, (name)

(today’s date)

Re: Cow Palace SB-281

Dear (Senator or Assemblymember),

Any action that threatens the future of the Cow Palace as a public venue is short sighted and completely misses the point of State Fairgrounds property. The Cow Palace is in a perfect location to bring rural and agricultural heritage and understanding to a largely urban environment. That is in fact the charge of the DAAs (District Agricultural Association Fairgrounds) that began with the Cow Palace in 1941! This facility provides a golden opportunity for the community to learn the value and importance of agriculture while improving the overall quality of life in the city. 


Similar to any park or public property, the Cow Palace contributes to the enjoyment, education, and health of the community. Housing and commercial property can make some parts of life more convenient, but would do little to address the larger issue of housing shortages compared to the loss of true experiential value through the events at the Cow Palace.


There are so many 4-H and other children that have been inspired by events at the Cow Palace. Their personal stories show us why it is important for folks who would otherwise never get a chance to see these agriculture programs or entertainment events if they were not accessible to their community. Most area residence would never go to an immersive theater experience like Dickens’ London, or rural lifestyle like the Grand National Rodeo, if they were not so close.


The Cow Palace creates an opportunity to see and understand the world around us. This is one of the keys to creating a peaceful community and countering hate and bigotry by bringing people of differing backgrounds together. We must place more importance on the cultural value and community benefit of being more than just another suburb.

Healthy communities need affordable space for recreation and community gatherings! Please protect our Cow Palace, ...the People's Palace!

With respect,

(your name and city)

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