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People from all over the US have enjoyed this iconic Bay Area venue for over 70 years!

You can submit your own quote here. Read what others have to say about this much loved, historic showplace and add your own story...


As president of the Daly City History Guild Museum & Archive, our organization fully supports the preservation and continued use of the Cow Palace as an exhibition facility.  We also believe its ownership and management is best left to the current state ownership model.  SB 281 is completely unnecessary, and we firmly oppose.  Please call Senator Weiner, Assemblymen Ting and Chiu, SF County and San Mateo County supervisors and Daly City Council to voice your opposition to this misguided effort to close and demolish this vital, and very relevant, historical and community resource.

Daly City, California

Mark S. Weinberger


Dickens Christmas Fair is such an important holiday tradition by exposing guests to a forgotten time and keeping Charles Dickens characters alive. Every year I meet people from all over the United States and plenty from other countries as well. To those of us that work or perform at The Dickens Fair this space is home. Please don’t let go of the vital and rich moments created by performers and guests alike. The Cow Palace is an institution that should be honored and preserved. There is plenty more space for affordable housing, but perhaps no other for the imagination of Mr. Dickens London. 

Redwood CIty, California

Deborah Bolin


“I was not at the 1964 Cow Palace Beatles performance, but I was there a year before when KYA’s legendary radio personality, Tom Donahue (a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) and his partner, Bobby Mitchell, put on their “Surf Party” concert that featured: The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, The Ronnettes, Dee Dee Sharp (and her ‘date,’ Cassius Clay), “Little” Stevie Wonder, Freddy Cannon, and Chuck Berry. Phil Spector lead the orchestra. Sylvester (“Sly”) Stewart played lead guitar. About a year later, I was there to see “The Who” smash guitars all over the stage.

To tear down the historic Cow Palace would be a tragic mistake.


It’s been a link to historic events (including The Teen-Age Fair and countless auto shows) for seven decades. It MUST be preserved!”

Former Manager; The Beach Boys 4th Generation San Franciscan

Fred Vail

940x940 (1).jpg

he largest open location near San Francisco that I have attended all types of events at both inside and outside. It must be preserved, restored and left alone to be a place where ALL kinds of events of varied interests may be held. Sen. Weiner is not one of us who have memories and still making some at the big arena. Stop trying to mess up a good place.

San Francisco Native

David Ferguson


Iʻve seen Eric Clapton,Elton John, and the Golden Gate Kennel Club at the Cow Palace.Itʻs a unique venue that cannot be replaced. If there is a demand for housing, there is a huge vacant parcel at the foot of Geneva at Bayshore.

Alameda, California

Patrick Morris


45 years ago today - March 23, 1974 - The Grateful Dead debuted the Wall Of Sound at the Cow Palace in Daly City, CA. Also the location for the ARMS Benefit Concerts in 1983 with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. There's so much music history in that building it should be a museum!

Los Angeles, California

Josh WillTravel

Dog Show CP photo credit Lynne Fried (16

I had an amazing childhood, growing up with the Cow Palace in my backyard.. There was always so many things to do we couldn't wait to get out of school.. The Grand National, was so much fun, it was great to see all those cowboys, I loved Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and many more.. I seen the circus every year starting at about 8 years old.. I made a lot of friends in the circus especially a little person called cha cha.. I look forward to seeing him every year, my little friend..I ended up working for him the last time I ever seen him I was 24 and I work selling souvenirs with him.. I often wonder whatever happened to him... We kids never paid for anything we just jumped our fence run up the ramp into the Cow Palace..Sometimes a yellow Jeep would chases us out if it could catch use... I feel so very lucky to have grown up there,  So many great memories,  I could write a book... I too seen the Beatles, and others.. The thought of the Cow Palace not being their, breaks my heart..

Bayshore, California

Lanette Roth

Cow Palace Grand National Rodeo.jpg

I stand against Senator Wiener’s bill because there are no better uses for the property that the Cow Palace belongs on. The property is already being used in the best way possible because it encourages youth to grow and experience the livestock industries, allows the public to see firsthand how well taken care of these animals are, and solidifies the importance of all aspects of agriculture. Cow Palace and the Grand National Rodeo have provided me with countless opportunities over the past three years. Cow Palace’s Grand National Rodeo was where I exhibited my first goat, competed at my first jackpot show, received my first college scholarship, and made unforgettable memories with new and old friends. That first show inspired me, and now I own and operate two goat businesses, lead a local 4-H sheep project, and am pursuing a career and degree in Livestock Management. Without the Cow Palace, there may be no Grand National Rodeo to inspire children with similar passions. The Grand National Rodeo allows people young and old to exhibit their livestock, strengthen the agriculture community and livestock industry, and promote the essential-ism of agriculture. I plan to watch my children and grandchildren grow up in a community that supports agriculture, livestock, and the Cow Palace, not a world where a sanctuary for livestock exhibitors and future farmers is torn down to make room for more housing in an already crowded city. I stand against Senator Wiener and his bill to destroy the arena that holds so many memories for people like me, and an arena that has the potential to create thousands more memories for future generations. Save the Cow Palace!




 Many wonderful things happen at the Cow Palace, and for me, the most magical is the great Dickens Christmas Fair. Every winter, 1000 people work together to bring Christmas magic to tens of thousands of visitors. The joy that we create, foster, and share there is an important Bay Area tradition for a great many people, and frankly, it makes the world a better place. Please save the Cow Palace so that this and many other wonderful experiences can continue to serve and enliven the community. Thank you!

Oakland, California

Gareth Storm

Dog Show CP photo credit Lynne Fried (16

I have been to the circus, concerts, rodeos, and many other events at the Cow Palace. It is a landmark I agree that to tear down the historic Cow Palace would be a tragic mistake. I also believe that Private developers are simply using the weak real estate market to make a quick buck at the expense of the people of the Bay Area. Please don't let this vital piece of history disappear.

SF Bay Area

Wendy Allen


“The Cow Palace has an important job. It is a venue for events that are too large for places in SF but not suited for baseball/football stadiums. Its use is vital. Private developers are simply using the weak real estate market to make a quick buck at the expense of the people of the Bay Area.”

Berkeley, California

Chris Stehlik

First Aid

“Something everyone needs to remember – and include in their communications – is that the Cow Palace is very important to the City’s disaster preparedness, both the building itself and the parking lot. Fun fact: San Francisco has no helipad on the General Hospital – where will choppers land in emergency? Yup, you guessed it”

San Francisco, California

Therese M. A. Porter


“Has anyone ever been inside the box office? all of the walls are signed by artists that have performed there like Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and hundreds more.”

San Lorenzo, California

Jason Schwartz

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