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Take Action:

Call and/or write State Senator Scott Wiener and all 6 co-authors. If you call, here is a suggested script:
"THANK YOU for pausing SB-281. We need BOTH affordable event space AND affordable housing. I support keeping the Cow Palace in the State Fairground system. Thank you."

(please be courteous and polite)

Let all the authors of the bill know how you feel about the future of the Cow Palace.

Author: Senator Scott Wiener  (916) 651-4011
Email c/o Brady Borcherding, Legislative Director –

Coauthors: full list here

General overview
Agricultural Value

Disaster Logistics Support

If you wish, please choose one of the sample letters above.

Cut and paste and add you own concerns and feelings. 

Every Voice Makes A Difference!

Follow these links to find out how to contact your Representative:

1. Find your Representative (State Senator)

2. Please contact YOUR Senator AND the authors above. Thanks!

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